Our farm visits with chefs as the Edna Lewis Challenge

Is an initiative that pays tribute to the esteemed figure of Mrs. Edna Lewis, known as the godmother of farm-to-table cuisine. Mrs. Lewis, often referred to as the 'Queen of Egypt' and Grand Dame of Southern Cooking, was a passionate advocate for supporting local farmers. In her hometown of Freetown, located in Orange County, Virginia, she embraced the ethos of supporting local, particularly Black and Indigenous farmers, which was deeply ingrained in the community surrounding Freetown. In the spirit of both the Freetown residents and Mrs. Lewis, Africulture and Aramark are dedicated to fostering renewed connections with African American, Indigenous, Latino, and other minority and marginalized farmers.

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Carter Farms is a century farm in the Piedmont region of Virginia that specializes in growing ethnic, African tropical vegetables organically. Michael Carter Jr.’s operation is an ethnic vegetable afrotourism teaching farm that shares its Africulture interdisciplinary platform.


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Carter Farms grows and works with other farmers in the region to provide an extensive variety of ethnic African, Caribbean and Asian tropical vegetables. Please check our latest Fresh sheet and email us about availability.


Edna Lewis Challenge

Ms. Lewis was an amazing chef who connected with local farmers, and especially the black farmers of Virginia that she grew up with and around. Her relationship with the farmer created a stronger relationship with the cuisine she prepared with so much passion, respect, history, thoughtfulness, joy, humility, and elegance of the farm, farmer and the produce . The challenge challenges chefs and food service professionals.


By actively engaging these farmers, our aim is to ensure a consistent supply of produce and protein to larger public and private institutions, thereby upholding the legacy and values championed by Ms. Edna Lewis.



Carter Farms

Carter Farms

Upholding the Legacy and Values of Ms. Edna Lewis

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